Bloodhound Gang

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Ever since forming in 1993, The Bloodhound Gang has proudly raised eyebrows with their decidedly lowbrow rap-metal. As evidenced by song titles like "I Hope You Die" and "I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks," the Pennsylvania quintet has little interest in making profound statements. Indeed, it's difficult to tell whether the title of the band's new Geffen Records album, Hooray for Boobies, is a celebration of breasts or a self-congratulatory declaration.

While some may take a dim view of the group's mischievous music, the Bloodhound Gang has cultivated an intensely loyal following. Hell-bent on goring sacred cows, the group's members are the undisputed clown princes of rock. Featuring singer/songwriter Jimmy Pop, guitarist Lupus Thunder, bassist Evil Jared Hasselhoff, drummer Willie the New Guy and DJ Q-Ball, the Bloodhound Gang splattered on the international music scene in 1996 with their Republic Records debut album, One Fierce Beer Coaster. The disc, which sold over 500,000 copies in the U.S., resulted in the hit single and video "Fire Water Burn." The track was the most requested song on alternative radio and captured a Grammy nomination.

Though the Bloodhound Gang has achieved cult hero status in the U.S., their foreign fan base is massive. The band's recordings have been certified platinum in New Zealand, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Sweden and elsewhere. Ironically, this band that prides itself on acting like ugly Americans has become a global phenomenon.


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