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Marv Green compares his relationship with Aimee Mayo and Chris Lindsey, his co-writers on "Amazed," to the close bond that members of a band share. "Once in a blue moon you run into people that you really are comfortable with and share a creative chemistry with," Green says. "Early on I always wanted to be in a band that felt really organic and good. My relationship with Aimee and Chris feels that way; we get together to write and it's sort of like we're a band trying to figure out what our next song is going to be."

The Nashville songwriters had previously written together in various pairings, but "Amazed" was the first of several songs (including the latest Faith Hill-Tim McGraw duet, "Let's Make Love") that the three wrote together.

Lonestar's recording of "Amazed" topped Billboard's country chart for an amazing eight weeks last year, and the love ballad recently became the first country single in 17 years to hit #1 on the trade magazine's Hot 100 Singles chart. Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton were the last country performers to turn the trick, doing so in 1983 with "Islands In The Stream." "Amazed" garnered a Grammy nomination for Best Country Song and it is currently up for Song of the Year at the Academy of Country Music awards.

"We are totally surprised by the success of 'Amazed'," Green admits. "We felt really good about the song when we wrote it; and there were chills in the studio when we cut the demo. We knew we had a strong song that we were proud of, but there's no way we could have imagined anything like this."

Romance was in the air when the song was being crafted. Wedding bells have since chimed for Mayo and Lindsey, and Green was falling in love with is girlfriend at the time. "We really wanted to write something very passionate," he says, "up close - person to person."


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