BMI Bands Together with Philadelphia Music

Posted in News on February 6, 2000
The BMI-sponsored showcase during the 7th annual Philadelphia Music Conference (January 19-22) featured four acts onstage at Abilene: Convoy, Jesse Harris & the Ferdinandos, Tom Gillam & the Tractor Pull Band, and Teddy Goldstein & the Goldsteins.

CONVOY (l to r) manager Brad Bogart, Convoy's Mark Maigaard (drums/percussion), Robbie Dodds (guitars, keyboards, lapsteel and vocals), Brian Karscig (vocals, guitar), Jason Hill (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass), BMI's Samantha Cox, and Convoy's Jeff Winfrey (bass).

JESSE HARRIS & THE FERDINANDOS (l to r) BMI's Samantha Cox, manager Bill Phifer, the band's Kenny Wollensen, Jesse Harris and Jesse Murphy

TOM GILLAM & THE TRACTOR PULL BAND (l to r) the band's Joe Carroll (guitar; producer), Tom Gillam (vocals, guitar), Dave Gardner (guitar) and Tim McMaster (bass).