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How does BMI split royalties between songwriters/composers and publishers?

Can BMI get my songs on the radio?

Will BMI help me get signed to a record label or get me a publishing deal?

Will joining BMI get me a record deal?

What do I do if my song is being played on radio, TV or the Internet?

Do I need to inform BMI when my songs are played on the radio?

How do I register my songs/works with BMI?

How much does it cost to register my songs with BMI?

Does BMI need a copy of my song?

How do I make changes to a work that is already registered with BMI?

How do I copyright my song and/or collection of my songs?

What is an IPI/CAE number?

What are the different types of copyright?

Is it necessary to copyright my songs?

Do I need to re-copyright new versions of my old songs?

Is registering my music with BMI an alternative to copyright registration?

How long does it take for an Online Work Registration to be processed?

Can BMI exploit my music overseas?

What is a Cue Sheet?

I arranged a public domain classical work. How should it be registered?

How should I register instrumental tracks (using orchestral instruments) that I wrote for an album?

I have a new instrumentation for a work I already registered. Must I register it as a separate work?

I self-publish all my works. How can I add my publishing company to my work registrations?

I scored a film mostly with orchestral music. How should I register my work?

Can I register my opera?

Can I register my ballet score?

I used text found on the Internet in my composition, but can’t find who wrote it. Can I register?

I have added a movement to an existing work. How do I register the new material?

A clarinetist has performed my violin sonata without permission. Do I need to change the registration?

My publisher doesn’t have a BMI affiliation. How should I register the work?

A movement from my sonata has been performed by itself. Should I register that movement separately?

The work titles in my BMI catalog have no punctuation. Why is that?

How do I report a classical performance to BMI?

Should I report a classical radio broadcast?

How do I report a classical performance that occurred outside the United States?

Can I report a classical performance using BMI Live?

What should I do for premiere performances?

I arranged a Public Domain classical work. Will I get paid for its performance?

Does BMI pay performance royalties on remixes?

Why am I getting an error message when I try to register a classical work?

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