Instructions for Updating Registered Works

Please follow the instructions below for submitting work update requests. Do not submit a new work registration to correct or revise information on a previously registered work.  Supporting documentation is required for certain types of update requests. A work that has been registered with incorrect information may not need to be deleted from BMI’s records—it is possible to revise the information per these guidelines.

For all work update requests provide work names, BMI work numbers and BMI account numbers if possible.

Contact Information

E-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Mailing: 10 Music Square East, Nashville, TN 37203 – Attn: Research and Works Maintenance

Instructions For Updating Registered Classical Works

Please contact our Classical Department at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to request revisions to classical works.

Who Can Request An Update To A Registered Work?

BMI affiliated composer/authors and publishers or authorized representatives of affiliated composers/authors and publishers.

When Is Supporting Documentation Needed and What’s Acceptable?

Documentation is required when the request reduces or removes a BMI licensed composer/author or publisher share.

The following are considered by BMI to be acceptable forms of documentation:

  • Signed Contracts (administration agreement, sub-publishing agreements, assignments, etc.)
  • Copyright Certificates
  • Court Orders
  • Signed settlement agreements
  • Signed stipulations
  • Written acknowledgments
  • Declarations made under penalty of perjury
  • Notarized affidavits

It is not necessary for the original submitter (or its successor) of a registered work to provide supporting documentation in order to correct information on a registration. A letter of direction requesting the corrections to participants and/or shares is usually sufficient. BMI will notify all affected parties once the changes are made.

Important: Any non-compliance with the requested information will result in a delay in processing your request.

Title Information Revisions

Update Title Name or Alternate Title

Provide the current title of the registered work and the new title (and/or alternate title).

Duplicate Titles

Provide an explanation of the situation and written authorization from all BMI participants whose shares may be negatively affected.

Sample Information

List the titles of the works being sampled in the new work. Provide a copy of the fully executed sample agreement and indicate the adjusted shares per the agreement.

Composer/Author/Publisher Information Revisions

Add/Remove Composer/Author or Publisher

Indicate participant(s) to be removed from the work(s), new participant(s) to be credited on the work, and revised share information if applicable.  Submit appropriate documentation (see list above) authorizing removal of BMI participant(s) from the work(s).

Change Name of Participant on Work

Indicate the specific name or pseudonym you would like to be displayed on the work(s) in your catalog. The name must already be connected to your BMI account.

Remove Works from BMI

A publisher seeking to remove any of its works from its BMI catalogue, other than due to an assignment to another BMI publisher, may do so only as of the end of the current term of its agreement with BMI and upon notice to BMI by registered or certified mail not more than six months or less than three months prior to the end of the current term. Requests to remove works will not be accepted until all outstanding financial obligations or liabilities to BMI are satisfied. In addition, the withdrawal of any such work by the publisher will not affect the right of BMI to continue to license the interest of any other participants in the work.

Administration and U.S. Sub-publishing Agreements

For a new agreement, provide written documentation outlining the nature and terms of the agreement; including but not limited to a copy of the administration agreement, sub-publishing agreement, letter of direction, or the BMI Full or Partial Catalog Administration Agreement forms. For partial catalog agreements please provide a list of the subject works. The documentation must be signed by all participating parties.

To terminate an agreement, the administering publisher or sub-publisher must provide written notification of the termination including the effective date of the termination and instructions regarding retained works and/or post term collection information.

Send all notifications regarding administration agreements or U.S. Sub-publishing agreements to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Add/Remove Performing Artist

List the artist information to be added to the work. Also, if any artist information currently connected to a work is incorrect, list which artist(s) need to be removed or updated.

Revisions to Participant Shares

Provide revised composer/author and/or publisher shares for all participants. Submit appropriate documentation (see list above) authorizing share changes.