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Theory of a Deadman’s Hard-Earned Scars and Souvenirs


From MusicWorld, posted 11.05.09 “We always try to write music without any boundaries,” says Tyler Connolly, lead singer and guitarist for hard rockers Deadman. “And that’s partly because we don’t really have a ‘core demographic.’ We’ve got 40- and 50-year-olds at our shows alongside the 14- and 15-year-olds. What’s great about Theory is that… Read more...

Glass Intrepid


From MusicWorld, posted 3.03.06 Glass Intrepid is an original alternative rock band based out of Houston, Texas. Comprised of four members: Bryan Scott (vocals/guitar), Robb Marshall (guitar), Reed Lang (bass) and Corey Spahr (drums), Glass Intrepid (GI) has close to seven years total experience as a band. Over the years, GI has gained a… Read more...

3 Doors Down / Theory of a Deadman

From News, posted 1.22.03 Universal/Republic band 3 Doors Down and Roadrunner/604 Records band Theory of a Dead Man rocked at their recent concert in Atlantic City. Seen here after their performance are Todd Harrell (3DD bassist), Daniel Adair (3DD drummer), Chris Henderson (3DD guitarist), Dave Brenner (Theory), Tyler Connolly (Theory),… Read more...

Theory of a Deadman


From MusicWorld, posted 11.13.02 Black metal, death metal, thrash metal, speed metal . . . whatever you want to call it, the band Theory of a Deadman immediately conjures up images of a group of dour dudes wearing inverted crosses and growling about dancing with Mr. D. The quartet’s affiliation… Read more...

Theory of a Deadman: Theory of a Dead Man Interview - The 2010 BMI Pop Awards

Captured at 2010 Pop Awards

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