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13th Annual Composer/Director Roundtable, 9th Annual Snowball Anchor BMI at Sundance


From News, posted 1.06.11 BMI and the Sundance Film Festival will present the thirteenth annual composer/director roundtable and ninth annual Snowball concert at this year’s festival. The roundtable, entitled “Music & Film: The Creative Process,” will take place on Wednesday, January 26 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Sundance House at the… Read more...

BMI Wraps Another Red-Letter Year at the Sundance Film Festival


From News, posted 2.04.10 BMI knows that one of the best ways to look back on the 2010 Sundance Film Festival is through the eyes of our composers, so right now, the BMI Film/TV page boasts an array of exclusive insight, valuable for those who couldn’t make the trip to Park City this year,… Read more...

2010 Sundance Roundtable Video: Music & Film, The Creative Process


From Blog, posted 2.04.10 2010 Sundance Roundtable: Music & Film, The Creative Process BMI and the Sundance Film Festival presented the twelfth annual composer/director roundtable, entitled “Music & Film: The Creative Process,” on Wednesday, January 27 at the Sundance House at the Kimball Art Center. Moderated by Doreen Ringer Ross, Vice President, Film/TV Relations… Read more...

Sundance Video Blog: Michael Mollura Discusses ‘Climate Refugees’


From Blog, posted 2.02.10 Composer Michael Mollura created a cohesive musical fabric for the moving film Climate Refugees, screened during Sundance. Mollura took a moment to discuss the “soul and the spirit” he needed to convey with his score. Watch and listen to his thoughts here: Read more...

Sundance Profile: Michael Mollura


From News, posted 1.20.10 Composer: Climate Refugees Composer Michael Mollura cites work as a composer, studio musician, performer and world musicologist as career-defining experiences. Currently, he is working on a dramatic original score for feature film Reconciliation, which is in post-production. His pieces have been licensed for everything from sports action cues to… Read more...

Circumstance, Hot Coffee and Kaboom at BMI Sundance Roundtable

Captured at 2011 Sundance

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