When it comes to collaboration, songwriters Benny Blanco, Robopop, Ammar Malik, Ricky Reed, Ross Golan, Danny Parker, Jason Evigan and managers David Silberstein, Jeremy Levin and Andrew Luftman are aces at mixing work and fun. After all, their friendships have spanned years of co-writes and creativity, resulting in global hits like “Moves Like Jagger,” “Payphone” and “Stereo Hearts.” READ MORE...

Their meteoric rise might just be due to the history they share, as enduring friends and “brothers” (in spirit, and, in one instance, family); the support, trust and dedication they inspire in each other has sparked ingenious collaborations and tunes that rule the charts. As the accomplishments of this group proves, collaboration and co-writes are part of a growing trend in songwriting, and this inside look provides depth and insights behind the making of a hit song.

Having proudly supported these songwriters since the early stages of their careers, BMI was thrilled to be invited to join today’s hitmakers inside their recording studio in Venice Beach, Calif., as they shared stories of their friendships, their journey and their collaborative process. In this exclusive video event, moments of inspiration mix with authentic advice, genuine humor and a fundamental mutual respect for their craft and each other. Their journey is marked with laughter and lessons that resonate with songwriters and truly anyone who loves music. This is their story to tell.

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The Managers

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