BMI Dives into 2011 Woodstock Film Festival


October 13, 2011 BMI staged its “Music in Film” panel during the 2011 Woodstock Film Festival on September 24 at Utopia Studios in Woodstock, New York. An annual tradition since the festival's inception in 2000, the panel was a frank and lively discussion about the creative aspects of music in film; the composer/director relationship; the unique concerns created by new media music use; and more. BMI’s Doreen Ringer Ross moderated the conversation, which drew on insight from composer George S. Clinton (Austin Powers, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee); music supervisor Sue Jacobs (Little Miss Sunshine, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly); Amy Rosen, Vice President and Director of Music Supervising, Grey Advertising; director Alex Steyermark (Losers Take All, Prey for Rock & Roll); composer Michael Bacon (Downtown Express, Boy Interrupted); and director David Grubin (Downtown Express). Pictured are (back row) Jacobs, Ringer Ross, Steyermark, and Rosen; (front row) Clinton, Bacon, and Grubin. (Photo by )

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