Composing for the Screen 2010 Completes Fall Cycle


November 12, 2010 Nine emerging film music students were selected to participate in BMI’s “Composing for the Screen 2010: A Film Scoring Mentorship Program,” directed by composer Rick Baitz. Held from September 16 through October 20 in Manhattan, NY, the participants were involved in weekly sessions that examined film music from many perspectives - from historical and psychological to dramatic, stylistic and more. Pictured at the first session are (back row) BMI’s Ray Yee, Yasuhiko Fukuoka, BMI’s Doreen Ringer Ross, John Kasiewicz, Edward Ratliff, Stephen Ridley; (front row) Pete Fitzpatrick, Brian Knox, Elizabeth Lim, director Rick Baitz, Cassis Staudt, and Timo Elliston. (Photo by )

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