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BMI Explores How to Make it in Today’s Music Industry


From News, posted 6.08.21. This past Saturday, BMI, in conjunction with LALIFF (Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival), explored the constant changes that happen every year in the music industry and how to navigate them in an informative panel, “How to Make it in Today’s Music Industry.” Moderated by BMI Senior Vice President, Creative,… Read more...

BMI Congratulates its 2021 Daytime Emmy Nominees


From News, posted 6.08.21. The nods for the 48th Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards have been announced with several BMI composers and songwriters at the top of the list of contenders in the music categories. Submissions for the nominations were judged by a pool of more than 1,000 peer professionals from across the television industry,… Read more...

H. Scott Salinas Stays Busy Composing Through COVID and Beyond


From News, posted 6.03.21. A native of St. Croix, H. Scott Salinas played guitar in high school bands, but never seriously considered a career in music until he got to Princeton University. While studying economics, Salinas took a few music classes and jazz guitar lessons and decided to switch his major to music composition.… Read more...

How to Improve Your Editing Skills…And Your Songs


From MusicWorld, posted 5.21.21. In the earliest days of recording, there was essentially one way to ensure you left the studio with a good product—you came in and performed flawlessly. If there was even a minor miscue along the way, you and everyone else on the session would need to start all over again.… Read more...

Are Your Songs Too Repetitious – or Not Repetitious Enough?


From MusicWorld, posted 5.21.21. If we were collaborating on a song and I suggested that one particular line of lyric – and the melody that accompanies it – be repeated eighteen times, would you think that would be entirely too repetitive to be successful? How about if, in the same song, I insisted that… Read more...

BMI Congratulates G.A.N.G. Award Winners Bekuh BOOM and Sebastien Najand


From News, posted 4.29.21. The votes are in for the winners of the 19th annual Game Audio Network Guild Awards, with BMI composers Rebecca Rose Johnson (aka Bekuh BOOM) and Sebastien Najand taking top prize in the Best Original Song category for League of Legends by Riot Games. The award recognizes the talented duo… Read more...

BMI Hosts Intercontinental Rap/R&B Edition of Speed Dating for Songwriters®


From News, posted 4.28.21. Last week, BMI’s Creative teams from London, Austin, Atlanta and Nashville curated a special Rap/R&B cross-office edition of “Speed Dating for Songwriters®.” Using Zoom’s Breakout Rooms feature, the unique event allowed some of the most promising songwriters, producers, and artists in the U.S. and U.K. to creatively collaborate with each… Read more...

BMI Mourns the Loss of Legendary Recording Engineer Al Schmitt


From News, posted 4.28.21. BMI is saddened by the loss of one of our most talented recording engineers, Al Schmitt, who passed away Monday at the age of 91. During his long and continuously impressive career, Schmitt, who joined BMI in 1971, won a record-breaking 20 GRAMMYS for his creative recording talents on more… Read more...

BMI Congratulates its 2021 Oscar Winners


From News, posted 4.26.21. Congratulations go out to our outstanding composer Atticus Ross and equally stellar songwriters H.E.R., Dernst Emile II and Tiara Thomas, who last night took the crowns for Best Original Score and Best Original Song, respectively, at the 93rd annual Academy Awards. Ross, who won for his work in the highly… Read more...

Which Recording Mixes Do You Need to Increase Your Odds of Getting a Song Cut?


From MusicWorld, posted 4.22.21. Audio mixing can be defined as the process of combining individual tracks from a multitrack recording into a finished product. It includes determining the volume and adding effects such as reverb, delay, compression, and equalization to each track. In stereo and surround sound recordings, mixing also includes placing each track… Read more...

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