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BMI Celebrates its Oscar Nominees at SCL Reception


From News, posted 3.14.23. BMI’s Tracy McKnight, Reema Iqbal, Michael Crepezzi, and Barbie Quinn were on hand to help celebrate BMI’s nominated affiliates for the 2023 Academy Awards at SCL’s pre-Oscar reception. Ludwig Göransson was recognized by the SCL for his Oscar nomination for best original song for “Lift Me Up” from Black Panther:… Read more...

BMI Takes Part in Composer Panel at USC’s Songwriters Theater


From News, posted 2.24.23. BMI’s Film, TV & Visual Media executives Tracy McKnight and Reema Iqbal spoke to Jon Burlingame’s class on February 22, 2023, at USC’s Songwriters Theater. The panel featured composers Christopher Lennertz and Dara Taylor, who discussed their career paths and share advice for students, as well as anecdotes about the… Read more...

‘And the Songwriter of the Year GRAMMY Goes To…’: The Recording Academy Unveils Historic Award


From The Weekly, posted 1.30.23. On February 5, the Recording Academy will host its 65th annual GRAMMY Awards in Los Angeles, celebrating music’s biggest night. This year, a special new category will be unveiled: the Songwriter of the Year, Non-Classical award. Honoring the impact of the songwriter in the musical landscape, this accolade is largely… Read more...

Are Your Songs Hitting the Right Target?


From MusicWorld, posted 1.26.23. When I critique songs at my workshops, I always begin by asking the writers to share their intention for their song. For example, a song might be intended solely for self-expression or catharsis. Another song might be written by a performing songwriter to include on their own recording project, while… Read more...

Enjoy a Double Issue of Music World!


From News, posted 11.30.22. In this issue: Jason Blume Shares How to Stretch Yourself Melodically Dave Simons Explains the Benefits of Using a Condenser Mic BMI Honors Toby Keith at the 2022 BMI Country Awards BMI Presents “El Camp: Los Compositoras Edition” with Amazon and Erika… Read more...

A Mic for All Sessions


From MusicWorld, posted 11.30.22. Like most of my engineering peers, early on I endeavored to fill my home studio with as many different types of microphones as my budget would allow, from lovely old Sennheisers to the more workmanlike family of Shure dynamics. Eventually my insatiable appetite for guitars meant selling off many of… Read more...

How to Stretch Yourself Melodically


From MusicWorld, posted 11.30.22. When I critique songs in my BMI Songwriting Workshops, I often hear melodies with a range (the interval between its lowest and the highest notes) limited to one octave or less. When I ask the writers to share their intentions for these songs, they sometimes respond, “My goal is to… Read more...

From Stage to Studio


From MusicWorld, posted 10.27.22. If you’re looking to take a break from the studio routine, you might consider bringing your songs and recording equipment to a suitable music venue in order to capture the spontaneous energy of a live gig. Naturally, there are all kinds of challenges when attempting to cut band tracks in… Read more...

An Important Company Update from Mike O’Neill


From News, posted 10.12.22. Today, BMI President & CEO Mike O’Neill announced exciting and transformational news about the future of the company. Below is a note that was sent to BMI affiliates describing the company’s decision to change its business model from operating on a not-for-profit making basis to for-profit, and the benefits to… Read more...

Composer Emer Kinsella Brings “Renovation” to the Culver Steps


From News, posted 9.27.22. This past Saturday, BMI composer Emer Kinsella helped bring to fruition a truly ambitious and unique immersive concert performance in downtown Culver City on the newly renovated Culver Steps. Kinsella performed her own dynamic pieces, as well as work from composers Allyson Newman, Carla Patullo, Yuichiro Oku and Justin Bell… Read more...

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