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Posted in MusicWorld on November 30, 2005

When you first see Zac Brown in person you immediately get an infallible feeling that you’ve just encountered somebody very special.

Only in his mid 20’s, Zac possesses an uncanny aura in both his personality and in his music that is beyond his young years. It is this aura that easily draws people into Zac’s World: a world of jam packed gigs where post collegiate kids rub elbows with blue collar bikers; a world of “chicken fried” mayhem where fans toast the sky (domestic beer in hand) to certain parts of songs.

Zac’s love for the great outdoors, warm nights, cold beers and people in general comes through in his songs, which are one part personal and sentimental, and another part raucous and downright humorous. If Jimmy Buffet had a younger brother playing music in the Georgia wild, he might be Zac Brown. Zac’s style is acoustic-based, but don’t get the wrong idea—your jaw will drop as you bear witness to Zacs frantic finger-pickin’, hand-thumpin’, nylon-stringed guitar solos.

So, if heaven is having “your toes in the water and ass in the sand” or “a cold beer on a Friday night” and wearing “jeans that fit just right,” you’ll swear Zac Brown is your guardian angel.

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