We Are The Fury

Posted in MusicWorld on March 3, 2006

If early 70s glam and late 70s post-punk had a love child in 2006, We Are The Fury would be it. But don’t be fooled. We Are The Fury isn’t your average lo-fi regurgitation. With influences ranging from Bowie and T-Rex to Talking Heads and Television, the Toledo, Ohio-bred quintet reveals a truly unique sound and style, setting them apart in today’s musical landscape.

Fresh out of the studio, the band hit the road hard amazing fans with their inimitable blend of rock & roll. Having traveled up and down both coasts and everywhere in between, WaTF have completed nation-wide tours with artists ranging from Head Automatica and Nightmare of You, to Jamison Parker and I Am The Avalanche.

Their highly anticipated debut EP Infinite Jest, produced by Tim Patalan (Lovedrug, Sponge, The Fags), hits stores in early 2006.