The Royal Highness

Posted in MusicWorld on August 31, 2005

What is it about Denmark? Not many people live there, but every year they seem to throw up another band capable of taking up residency within the rock ‘n roll establishment.  The Royal Highness is this year’s debutant and are about to crash the ball…

If you like a classic voice that could fit anywhere in time from 1970 through to the present day, if you like your riffs big and bold, if you want your blood to pump when listening to music, then the Royal Highness make up that prescription. Seriously, if you took every great rock vocalist over the past 35 years and rolled them into one, you’d end up with Dennis from the Royal Highness. He opens his mouth, we listen. If you like your loud, screaming “melody, melody, melody,” then the Royal Highness are for you. If you like rock to sound like a hybrid of Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age with a touch of Soundgarden thrown in for good measure, then the Royal Highness are for you.

Formed a mere 10 months ago, and having only played half a dozen shows, the band has progressed enormously. Now ready to share their music with the world, they travel to the USA and the UK in September to venture into the establishment’s own back yard and take up a well-earned residency.

The Royal Highness are Dennis, Thomas and Mads. A lot of noise for just three Vikings.