Steven W. Newberry Elected to Board of Directors of BMI

Posted in News on October 17, 2012

BMI elected Steven W. Newberry to its Board of Directors at the Company’s annual shareholder meeting, held October 16 in Nashville, TN.  Mr. Newberry is the President and CEO of Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation, a 22-station radio broadcast group with facilities throughout Kentucky.

Re-elected as members of the Board along with Mr. Newberry are: Del R. Bryant, President & Chief Executive Officer, BMI, New York, NY; Amador Bustos, President, Bustos Media Holdings, LLC, Portland, OR; and Philip A. Jones, President, Cabo Tres Publishing and PAJ Publishing, Mission Hills, KS. All will serve terms that will expire in 2016.

Mr. Newberry is past Joint Board Chairman of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), as well as former Chair of NAB’s Radio Board of Directors and NAB Political Action Committee.  He was also President of the Kentucky Broadcasters Association and in 2009, received that association’s highest award, the prestigious Distinguished Kentuckian Award.  In 2011, Mr. Newberry was the recipient of the National Radio Award, the industry’s highest leadership honor. He has also served as a member of the National Board of Trustees of America’s Public Television Stations, as well as Chairman of the Authority for Kentucky Educational Television. In addition, Mr. Newberry is currently a member of the International Broadcaster Idea Bank, as well as a member of the Board of Directors of Citizens First Bank and has served as an officer or board member of several civic and non-profit organizations.

Continuing in their terms on the Board of Directors are: Chair, Susan Davenport Austin, Senior Vice President and CFO Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation and President Sheridan Gospel Network, New York, NY; Presiding Director, Jack Sander, Scottsdale, AZ;  N. John Douglas, Chairman and CEO, AIM Broadcasting, LLC, Palo Alto, CA; Kenneth J. Elkins, (Retired) President & CEO, Pulitzer Broadcasting and Senior Vice President, Broadcasting, Pulitzer Publishing Co., St. Louis, MO; Michael J. Fiorile, Vice Chairman and CEO, Dispatch Broadcast Group, Columbus, OH; Catherine L. Hughes, Founder and Chairperson, Radio One, Inc., Silver Spring, MD; Jerome L. Kersting, CFO, Merlin Media, Chicago, IL; Mark Pedowitz, President, The CW Network, Burbank CA; Craig A. Dubow, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Gannett Co., Inc., Great Falls, VA; Paul Karpowicz, President, Meredith Broadcasting Group, Rocky Hill, CT; Virginia Hubbard Morris, Chair, Hubbard Radio and Vice President, Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc., St. Paul, MN; and G. Neil Smith, President, GNS Media, LLC, Liberty, SC.

Cecil Walker, (Retired) Chairman and CEO, Gannett Broadcasting, Atlanta, GA, is retiring from the Board of Directors.  Mr. Walker will now serve as Honorary Director.

Founded by broadcasters in 1939 as a competitive force in the licensing of music, BMI is widely credited with shepherding the creation and explosion of American forms of music including Jazz, R&B, Country and Rock and Roll.  BMI is headquartered in the World Trade Center complex in New York City.