NYC’s The Kin Attract Local Attention

Posted in MusicWorld on September 1, 2005

NYC rock outfit the Kin (formerly the Harlequin) have been tearing up NYC and the Northeast lately with their commanding live performances.

Co-fronted by Australian brothers, Isaac and Thorry Koren, the sound of THE KIN blends the atmospheric musical wave of old school U2 and groove pop sensibilities of Duran Duran with the vocal soul of Jeff Buckley. The Kin juxtapose dark melodies with catchy hooks and solid musicianship, garnering comparisons to everything from the Cure to Coldplay.

The Kin are currently supporting RED, the introductory volume from the Red, Black & White (RBW) series of releases, the highly anticipated follow-ups to their debut album Tracing. A franchise of three bootleg demos, RBW captures the charismatic energy and soul of the band’s live performances.

Slowly becoming one of NYC’s hottest live acts, the Kin are creating a subterrestrial scene of their own through innovative grass-roots techniques. In addition to packing venues like Bowery Ballroom, the Knitting Factory and selling out the Mercury Lounge and Pianos, the band also performs secret late-night shows in plush hot-spots, share a Tower Records listening station with major labels (the only unsigned artist to do so), are continually involved with philanthropic endeavors, and even rock out with the legendary Comets at the Gibson Sound Stage.

Time Out NY featured artists (“Making It In NY”), winners of NYC’s M.E.A.N.Y. Fest 2004, the Kin is an internationally-acclaimed band featured at a showcase at CMJ in 2004 and brought down the house at the Jeff Buckley Tribute in Chicago. Arriving in NYC from Sydney, Australia two years ago, Isaac and Thorry began to play acoustic shows at venues around town. In 2003, they banded together with Texans Ben Bocardo (bass) and Patrick Carmichael (drums), and keyboardist Miko fom Canada to form the Kin.