MusicMark Invites Publishers to Use New Registration Platform

New publishers can e-mail to get started

Posted in News on October 6, 2014

ASCAP, BMI and SOCAN have expanded our MusicMark collaboration. MusicMark is a platform designed to simplify the music registration process, and create an authoritative picture of the music represented by the three companies.

Publishers who currently register music through Electronic Batch Registration can e-mail to get started. There are additional plans to open up MusicMark to other types of music registrants in the future, including individual songwriters.

MusicMark launched in March to an initial group of 85 music publishers. On August 28th, MusicMark welcomed an additional 119 music publishers who submit registration files through Electronic Batch Registration, a method of registering new musical works via Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. More than 150,000 new musical works have been successfully submitted and processed so far via MusicMark.

Through MusicMark, music publishers can submit single registration files to ASCAP, BMI and SOCAN simultaneously, even if the work was co-written by members of different performing rights societies. Each society then integrates the registration data into its respective repertory of music. The result is a streamlined, simplified registration process for copyright owners, and more accurate information for music users.

MusicMark expects to unveil new plans and functionality in the coming months.

Visit for FAQs about MusicMark and detailed explanations of how it works.


MusicMark is a collaboration between ASCAP, BMI and SOCAN, designed to create a common, authoritative picture of the music in our repertories and to make music registration easier for the millions of songwriters, composers and publishers we represent. Once MusicMark is fully implemented, publishers will be able to submit a single registration file simultaneously to all three performing rights organizations (PROs), even if the work was co-written by members of different societies. Each PRO will then integrate the registration data into its respective repertory of works.

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