John Adams and Peter Sellars Bring Highly Anticipated “Girls of the Golden West” to SF Opera

Posted in News on November 15, 2017
Pictured: John Adams and Peter Sellars
Pictured: John Adams and Peter Sellars

The New York Times has called it “the most eagerly anticipated new opera of the season,” and judging solely by the unparalleled resumes of BMI composer John Adams, who is the most-performed living American composer, and renowned BMI librettist and director Peter Sellars, serious music lovers would have to agree. Their latest collaboration, Girls of the Golden West, follows an impressively diverse cast of young people, many of them female, from various parts of the world who flock to Gold Country hoping to strike it rich. Innocent enough when starting out, they are quickly caught up in the optimism, greed and prejudices of a rapidly changing world.

This true-to-life new work, commissioned as the culmination of Adams’ 70th birthday season, will make its fully-staged premiere at the San Francisco Opera on November 21. To read more, in the composer’s own words, on the creation and development of the story, as well as the fascinating characters it brings to life, click here. For readers lucky enough to be in the Bay area, visit the San Francisco Opera page for tickets.