Indie Spotlight: Those Darlins

Posted in News on February 17, 2011

Four years have gone by since Nikki, Jessi, and Kelley Darlin spat in their palms and slapped hands in a three-way promise that would become Those Darlins. Since then, they’ve broken hearts and broken bones, all the while honing their chops and gaining a lifetime of experiences through endless touring: bros to the bitter end. “Screws Get Loose” is their second album–and the first to show off drummer Linwood Regensburg stepping up as a songwriter. Each song bears the scars of the highs and lows they’ve soldiered through together on the road, accentuating the realities of growing up in a rock and roll band. “Screws Get Loose” will be released via the Oh Wow Dang label on March 29, 2011.

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