Indie Spotlight: Sean Rowe

Posted in News on February 17, 2011

On the song “Night,” from Sean Rowe’s forthcoming ANTI- debut, “Magic,” the singer turns his rich, unnerving baritone to a moment of childhood innocence. Back then, he muses, you could fall “like a floating leaf,” and the earth would “look up at you and smile.” Rowe’s deep, magical voice is nothing if not wise and experienced; he knows full well that after the innocence comes the fall. This ability to conjure dueling emotions – the elation of childhood versus the bruising of real life – marks the arrival of a skilled lyricist and songwriter. Recorded in the small upstate town of Troy, New York, in a studio above the space where his grandfather once ran an Italian restaurant, “Magic” is Rowe’s homage to what he believes in, to what he finds magical in the world.

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