Indie Spotlight: Leslie and the Badgers

Posted in News on May 11, 2010

Leslie Stevens may just be the sweetheart of the rodeo. Not your traditional rodeo, mind you: this one’s a traveling road show, a displaced menagerie of vintage country rock, Laurel Canyon folk and haunted gypsy jazz. Roomful of Smoke, the new 13-song LP from Leslie and The Badgers, shuffles and swaggers to the march of a different drum. It’s a glittering showcase for Leslie’s pitch-perfect, honeyed croon, a lighter-than-air twang that channels Emmylou, Dolly and Neko Case in the same understated breath. Produced by legendary studio maven David Bianco, em>Roomful of Smoke merges Leslie’s sultry vocals and poignant lyrics with the unhurried polish of the Badgers, a versatile set of musicians equally at home with Western Swing, Texas two-step and dialed-down LA folk rock.