Indie Spotlight: Kotadama

Posted in News on April 8, 2011

Like many great bands, Kotadama (Japanese for “spirit of words”) arose out of its founders simply wanting to find an outlet for the songs they’d been writing. Brothers Chris and Evan Brown have done things most guys their ages—22 and 24, respectively—never even dream of doing. In 2007 the pair formed Kotadama, a boldly inventive group that, with its startling debut album, Dichotomy, is about to become the fresh musical faces of pop radio. The songs are sweeping, high-gloss epics that truly belie their composers’ youth. Uplifting and melodic, they reflect their composers’ obsession with age-old, universal themes: the relentless ache of unrequited love; a young man’s attempts to make sense of the world; that intoxicating, tingling rush of a first kiss.

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