Indie Spotlight: Chelsea Lankes

Posted in News on September 17, 2014

Chelsea Lankes’ music is best listened to after daylight hours with the volume turned up, way up. She writes powerful, emotional songs that have catchy beats and lyrics that will make you want to belt them out whenever you hear them. As proof that her music is not to be missed, she was recently featured as one of NYLON Magazine’s band crushes. Her latest single, “Secret,” is an infectious, upbeat track that is ready to be a personal anthem, sung at the height of love, and was recently featured on Refinery 29’s “This Is Our Jam” summer playlist. Lankes’ ethereal voice makes her songs the perfect introspective road trip companion exploring the intricacies of relationships and the human condition. The video for “Secret” is out now and should be anything but under wraps.

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