Indie Spotlight: Sego

Posted in News on November 18, 2019

The raucous indie punk band, Sego, transformed from a duo into a four-piece band last year, and it shows in the best way possible. Now comprised of founding members, Spencer Peterson, Thomas Carroll, and newcomers, Alyssa Davey and Brandon McBride, Sego took the perspectives of four individuals and focused them into a modern-day punk sound that could actually be played on the radio. The Utah-bred, LA-based band shy away from “laptop studio” singles in favor of live instrumentation and raw lyrics that read more like riddles about absolutism and the state of the world today. Sego even stole away to a rural Canadian church to record their sophomore album, Sego Sucks.

While only on their second album, Sego continues to mature in their songwriting and adrenaline-fueled live performances, priding themselves on the diversity they see in their audience each night. They teamed up with Slothrust, Vacationer, The Moth & The Flame, Pinguin Mofex, and Comfort the Killer to release four songs this fall and were also featured performers on BMI’s ACL and Bonnaroo stages earlier this year. Their new immersive experience called Sego in Surround Sound will consist of four stages set up at opposite ends of the room, allowing each audience member to create their own listening experience. The show will be supported by Small Forward and Pinguin Mofex and will make its way to LA’s the Hi Hat on November 23.

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