Indie Spotlight: New Dialogue

Posted in News on January 25, 2019

Oftentimes, a fresh voice makes the most noise. That fresh voice is what we’re hearing from up and coming quintet, New Dialogue. The Los Angeles-based group—Ela Kitapci (vocals), Taylor Morrow (vocals), Jason Rodriguez (drums), Michael Sevilla (guitar), and Jeff Badagliacca (bass)—came together in 2017 to culminate their indie spirits, alternative whimsies, and pop ambitions into a style all their own. After quietly recording their debut album with producer Charlie Park, who has worked with lovelytheband, New Dialogue made their live debut in June 2018.

Their first single, “Fake Smile,” features a simple production with an intimate delivery, as Ela and Taylor contemplate whether their partner still loves them, saying they would even take a fake smile from the one they love. The artistic music video is available to view on YouTube, having amassed over 16,000 views since its release in fall 2018. “Neon Ocean” is the dark and powerful follow-up single and is currently gaining traction on Spotify. The band’s next effort, “Pilgrim,” is a resonant anthem, boasting, “You can be anyone!”

New Dialogue plans to continue the conversation into 2019. Having just wrapped a tour with lovelytheband, they will continue writing, recording, and making music videos as they tour with Smallpools on their 2019 So Social Tour.