Indie Spotlight: CKY

Posted in News on September 25, 2018

Notorious in the 2000’s for their raucous sound and anarchic skate-punk aesthetic both onstage and off, Pennsylvania’s CKY are in the process of a comeback that started with 2017’s The Phoenix, their first new album in eight years. While not necessarily a kinder, gentler ensemble, the CKY of 2018 is comprised of Deron Miller on lead vocals and guitar, Chad I Ginsburg on guitar, Jess Margera on drums and Matt Deis on bass, all feverishly devoted to delivering music in as raw and authentic a manner as possible. Writing in the Worcester Telegram, Victor Infante called The Phoenix “a straight-up riveting rock album, old-school in its approach, muscular and assertive, but there’s also something compelling in its swagger …  eminently listenable, and cathartic in the truest rock ‘n’ roll fashion.”