Dynamite Walls

Posted in MusicWorld on June 7, 2006

The sound of San Diego band Dynamite Walls has been compared to everything from Coldplay to John Mayer, and from the Beatles to Van Morrison. Comprised of members Tom Pritchard (vocals, guitar), Alex Blundell (lead guitar), Doug Evans (bass) and Steve Serrano (drums), before forming, each member was struggling to find a band that expressed his true voice. When they decided to leave their individual bands and form Dynamite Walls, everything fell into place. Each member agreed great songs should tell a story and touch the lives of people both young and old. Alex comments, “We’re still a young band pulling from our individual lives and influences.”

Together the band has found their true voice, and the fans are listening.

The group’s lyrics and melodies are delivered through Tom’s soulful voice, which brings to life thoughts and emotions we’ve all had trouble expressing. “I write about everyday things, the good and the bad,” says Pritchard.

Led by this bold and honest song writing, the band has found a growing fan base that continues to demand more of the quartet’s creative works. With recent interest from major labels, Dynamite Walls is poised at the edge of stardom and eager to share their music with the world.