BMI @ Lollapalooza 2007: Tom Schraeder

Posted in News on July 17, 2007

There are few addictions that are harder for a 22-year-old kid to kick than the proverbial wine, women, and song trifecta. Luckily for Chicago’s music community, Tom Schraeder is nowhere near rehabilitation. With a delicate, drunken honesty and a knack for setting the simple desperation of young love against a background of Brit pop-laced Americana, Schraeder is not writing songs for the faint of heart, feeble of mind, or weak of stomach. Upcoming EP “The Door, The Gutter, The Grave” is equal parts stark, challenging song structures and just-add-whiskey hooks – a reminder that being young is all relative and finding decent days and nights can be as esoteric as songwriting itself or as uncomplicated as the bottom of a highball.

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