BMI Celebrates 75 Years of Valuing Music

Posted in News on February 17, 2015

75 years ago this week, Broadcast Music, Inc. opened the doors of possibility and creativity to all writers and publishers of music. Founded by a group of visionary radio broadcasters, BMI’s original mission was to bring new, unrepresented music to the airwaves, functioning as a trusted broker to both songwriters and the broadcast industry that recognized the value of these exciting forms of music. Today, BMI continues to keep those doors open, still nurturing new talent and new music, and building on the hundreds of thousands of partnerships developed during these 75 groundbreaking years.

Having grown to more than 8.5 million musical works, BMI’s repertoire continues to play a vital role in today’s dynamic digital marketplace. On this milestone anniversary, BMI is proud of our enduring responsibility as the bridge connecting the creative community to the multiple diverse businesses that bring their music to the public. Our legacy of supporting the relationship between art and commerce continues, as we advocate for a modernized music licensing system that meets today’s real needs of songwriters, businesses and listeners alike.

In honor of the many game-changing moments in musical history defined by BMI songwriters, the BMI team has curated a special playlist of 75 legendary songs from our catalog, which only begins to tell the story of all of our affiliates’ invaluable contributions. Happy listening!

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