Pandora Radio Receives Visit from BMI Songwriters

Posted in News on November 11, 2008

On October 7, the BMI Government Relations department launched its Business Educational Initiative with a visit to Pandora, where the executives and staff were treated to a performance by BMI singer/songwriters Alissa Moreno and Fred Smith. Accompanying the performers were BMI executives Fred Cannon, Richard Conlon and Myles Lewis. The visit also included an informative sitdown with Pandora President Joe Kennedy and Digital Media Association Executive Director Jon Potter to discuss BMI’s advances in new media, general and media licensing. To view video of Fred Smith’s performances, click on the below links.


“Seven Ways”

“American Guitar” -

photo Shown (l-r): BMI’s Richard Conlon, Myles Lewis and Fred Cannon; BMI songwriter Alissa Moreno; Pandora’s Joe Kennedy; BMI songwriter Fred Smith; and DiMA’s Jon Potter