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Throughout her mysterious career, the Los Angeles producer/composer known simply as The Angel has remixed tracks for some of the most unique artists of our time, including Spearhead, The Pharcyde, Towa Tei, Donald Byrd and Urban Knights. But on her latest Supacrucial Records solo release, Covert Movements , The Angel poises herself front-and-center in a musical world where haunting dub-reggae melodies merge with sensual electronic grooves.

Recording under the alias 60 Channels, The Angel composed and produced Covert Movements entirely by herself. A concept album of sorts, the album explores the modern implications of transportation, be they real or virtual. "Travel became the theme," The Angel says, "the journey through life and what we deal with in terms of love, loss and death ... the spiritual versus the chemical, tangible realm."

Released in March, 2004, Covert Movements garnered immediate critical attention. "After a few listens, it becomes readily apparent that the Angel has delivered a fully realized concept album, thus raising the bar for producers in any genre," wrote a clearly smitten Remix magazine. Billboard magazine was similarly impressed. To wit: "The Angel has crafted a perfect balance of moody instrumentals and intriguing vocal tracks."

Covert Movements is just the latest recording to spring from The Angel's active imagination. Her 1998 debut album, Tuned In Turned On , was a mix of electronic dub, drum and bass and live instrumentation. She followed up in 2001 with the album No Gravity . Ever appreciative of the power of mystery, The Angel has also recorded under the alias Jaz Klash.

The Angel's solo excursions have been complemented by a series extracurricular projects, including the 2000 film score for the hit Boiler Room , starring Giovanni Ribisi and Vin Diesel. She recently scored Let's Get Frank , a documentary about Democratic congressman Barney Frank.

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