BMI Launches Online Song Registration

Posted in News on June 18, 2000

BMI "eNet" Offers Secure Transactions for Writers, Publishers

NEW YORK, June 19, 2000 - BMI songwriters, composers and independent music publishers can now register new works online at the company's website, BMI has launched a new module of its site known as the "BMI eNet" to facilitate secure interactive business communications with its more than 250,000 songwriters and music publishers.

More than 1,000 songwriters have already registered over 5,000 works during beta-testing for the songwriter registration module. The online registration system automates much of the data input process through the use of an online "wizard" that prompts users to supply, or verify, information needed to register a song with BMI. The wizard is customized for each BMI songwriter, taking advantage of data already entered into the system, such as names of past co-writers and music publishers, so that the songwriter fills in the minimum information necessary for each new song registration - the system does the rest.

The new system is available to all BMI songwriters and composers and to individually-owned music publishers who register works on a song-by-song basis. (BMI offers other digital protocols to larger publishers who register many works in large batches).

First-time users register on the eNet and receive a username and password for all future transactions.

Reactions from beta-testers have been enthusiastic. Many applaud the speed and efficiency of the online registration process, and the rapid confirmation by email that registrations have been entered into the BMI system. "This is a real win-win situation for both BMI and our affiliates" says Alison Smith, Vice President, Performing Rights. "The vast majority of the online registrations are going through the system completely automatically. It's fast and efficient for the writers and cuts down substantially on BMI's back-office paperwork."

Online Song Registration is the eleventh of twelve Horizon Project technology modules announced in April 1999. The launch of the final module, giving songwriters online access to in-depth information on their catalogues and royalties, is due to be launched this summer.

The Online Song Registration system was developed in-house by BMI under the direction of Assistant Vice President of Operations, George Schuh and Director of Musical Works, Peter Langella.

BMI Members can login now to get started.



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