Dance Music Summit Makes All the Right Moves

Posted in News on October 16, 2006
BMI was on hand at the 13th Annual Billboard Dance Music Summit, held recently at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. Brandon Bakshi, a Writer/Publisher Relations executive from BMI's London office, took part in the "Across the Pond" panel, which was moderated by Music 2 Mix President Eddie Gordon. The panel focused on the state of dance music internationally and presented a frank discussion on today's art of the deal.

Shown at the conference are (back row): Agostino Carollo, Eddie Gordon, Darude, and Kaiser Saucy and Lord Fader of the Loose Cannons; (front row): Richard Bridge, BMI's Brandon Bakshi and Ricky Simmonds.  

Other speakers and panelists included Richard Bridge, A&R Manager, Petrol Records; DJ/ producer Agostino Carollo; artists Darude and the Loose Cannons (Kaiser Saucy and Lord Fader); and Ricky Simmonds, Co- Founder/Director,

The Billboard Dance Music Summit, which took place this year as part of Vegas's city-wide Dance Music Festival, attracts an international and domestic contingency of over 500 attendees to discuss the latest trends in dance and electronica music.

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