August ‘Acoustic Lounge’ in L.A. Gets Eclectic

Posted in News on August 10, 2006
BMI L.A. presented four unique singer/songwriters at the latest installment of its "Acoustic Lounge," featuring the diverse talent of Jared Young, Maren, Shana and Tom Pritchard (Dynamite Walls). The showcase, held at Genghis Cohen on the first Monday of each month, is free and open to the public.

Shown after the show are (l to r): BMI's Joe Maggini, Tom Pritchard, Maren, Jared Young, Shana and BMI's Delia Orjuela.

The Acoustic Lounge is one of many opportunities BMI offers to artists to showcase their talent in front of their peers and a supportive audience. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, offering a great opportunity to network with other aspiring and working singer/songwriters. For established writers, it provides a chance to monitor new musical trends and be involved in the grass-roots/DIY musical movement.