Diverse Latin Sounds Heard at BMI Showcase

Posted in News on June 20, 2006
BMI New York's Latin Urban Alternative Showcase, held May 30 at S.O.B.'s, featured a diverse display of fresh Latin sounds that tantalized a variety of taste buds by infusing various traditional Latin flavors into rock, hip-hop and alternative blends. The showcase included stellar performances by L. Negro, U-NIQ, Sr. Escobar & M. Corcho, Una Via, Sonido Secreto and Insomnia.

BMI's Porfirio Piña and Insomnia's Pablo Garcia

Dominican Republic native and New York transplant L. Negro combines his childhood admiration of New York-style rap and his mother country's Spanish for a groundbreaking sound that has helped push Latin hip-hop/soul to the forefront of the rap music community.

Eric Medina, Candela Soul's Luis Burgos, BMI's Porfirio Piña, and Candela Soul's Lisa and Marlon

Trio U-NIQ was formed by brothers Migz and Tonio Vasquez, along with good friend and musical cohort Alex Salabarria. As their name suggests, the group produces a unique, soul-driven concoction derived from instinctively smooth harmonies.

Frankie Cutless

Brothers Sr. Escobar and M. Corcho were born and raised in Guatemala City and made the trek to the United States while they were still young men. The two cite influences including Snoop Dogg, Tupac and Jay-Z, and plan to deliver Latin hip-hop to mainstream audiences through their moody, deliberate lyrics.

Insomnia's Pablo Garcia

Una Via aims to combine classic rock sounds with Latin music's signature beats. Formed by guitarist brothers Johnny and Leonel Cayamcela, Una Via also relies on bassist George Vivanco, drummer Juan Pablo Calvo and charismatic lead singer Mauricio Cardenas.

KMW's Kevin K, BMI's Porfirio Piña and Sonido Secreto's Gaia

Sonido Secreto combines visual and auditory art for an inimitable live experience. The rock quartet displays images conceived by band members Pozo, Gaia, Oveck and Sol as a backdrop, and now classify themselves as blues and art rock.

L. Negro and Insomnia's Pablo Garcia

Longtime friends Pablo Garcia, Eli Menezes, Ricardo "Rico" Ramos, Waldo Chavez and Jotan Afanador form rock band Insomnia. The members have enjoyed success individually with major names such as Lauren Hill and Obbie Bermudez, and together create raucous, fast-paced Latin rock.

Loki, L. Negro and LP

The BMI Latin Urban Alternative Showcase was sponsored by Gibson,,, Latination, American Latino TV, Nivel Musical, El Especial and El Especialito.

Sano, Sr. Escobar, BMI's Porfirio Piña, M. Corcho, Capicu and Mr. Miggs

Sonido Secreto's Oveck

Sonido Secreto's Sol

Sr. Escobar and M. Corcho

The Clear Picture's Deanna & Audrey and BMI's Porfirio Piña

Una Via

Una Via's Mauricio Cardenas

U-NIQ's Alex and Tonio, BMI's Porfirio Piña, and U-NIQ's Miquelito

photos: Fernando Leon


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