BMI Sponsors 7th Annual Film Conducting Workshop

Posted in News on August 3, 2004
The BMI Film Conducting Workshop recently wrapped up its seventh year with eight BMI-affiliated professional film and television composers completing the two-week course. "Conducting for the Film Composer" is an annual workshop sponsored by BMI and taught by conductor/composer Lucas Richman at the American Federation of Musicians Local 47 in Hollywood, CA.

Front Row: BMI's Ray Yee, Lucas Richman, BMI's Ivanne Deneroff, Middle: David Low (Contractor), Jennie Muskett, BMI's Linda Livingston, Scooter Pietsch, Penka Kuneva, Middle Back: Ronit Kirchman, Anne Cecere, Emilio Kauderer, Mark Robertson (Concert Master), Dominic Messinger, BMI's Doreen Ringer Ross, Chris Ledesma (Editor), Back: Steve Frangadakis, Chris Anderson-Bazzoli, Charles Sydnor

This year's students included Dominic Messinger (multiple Daytime Emmy winner of "All My Children," "Days of Our Lives," "As the World Turns"), Jennie Muskett ("The Prince and Me," "B Monkey"), Scooter Pietsch ("Extreme Makeover," "All American Girl," "Meet My Folks"), Penka Kouneva (Sundance Composers Lab Fellow, "The Picture of Dorian Gray," "Shadows"), Ronit Kirchman (Sundance Composers Lab Fellow), Chris Anderson-Bazzoli (Sundance Composers Lab Fellow, "Revolution OS," "Shooting Creek") and Charles Sydnor ("Malcolm in the Middle").

Charles Sydnor gets some pointers from the Maestro

The course focused on developing conducting technique and participants worked with live players ranging from piano duets to a full chamber orchestra. The musical repertoire for the workshop ranged from classical selections to music from commercial films.

Class is in session

Ronit Kirchman conducts the orchestra


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