BMI Sponsors Voter Registration Drive

Posted in News on May 19, 2004
BMI is proud to once again be sponsoring a non-partisan voter registration drive starting this summer until the November elections. This year is a Presidential election year and it is more important than ever for all creators of music to let their voices be heard. BMI urges everyone to exercise their right as a United States citizen and register to vote.

Voter registration materials will be available in BMI offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville and New York, or you can register to vote online at any of the following:
Rock The Vote
Democracy Net

If you think one vote can't make a difference, consider the historical impact of the single vote that:

  • Caused Charles I to be executed in 1649
  • Made English the national language in the United States rather than German in 1776
  • Elected Thomas Jefferson president in 1800
  • Admitted Texas, California, Oregon and Idaho into the US
  • Saved Andrew Johnson from impeachment
  • Saved the Selective Service 12 weeks before Pearl Harbor

For more information on the BMI Voter Registration Drive, please read the letter below from BMI President and CEO Frances Preston:

To All Creators and Owners of Music Copyrights:

In an era where the protection of intellectual property and preservation of our First Amendment right to free speech have become crucial issues in politics, it is critical that those who create and support the rights of creators let their voices be heard. In this, a Presidential election year, we take the opportunity to urge you to participate in the electoral process.

BMI represents the best of American music and, I believe, some of the best of America. In our democratic society it is important to express our opinion about the political direction of this country.

One vote can make the difference — you can influence decisions at the local, state, and national level. If you are not registered, find out the deadline for registering from the Secretary of State’s office so you don’t miss your opportunity to vote. Register yourself and encourage others to register. You can get a copy of the registration form at the post office, the library, DMV, online, or at your local board of elections.

I am pleased to announce that BMI is again sponsoring a non-partisan voter registration drive until the November elections. I urge you to exercise your rights as a citizen this November. Register to vote and help choose our country’s leadership.

Voter registration materials will be available at all BMI offices and on our website beginning this summer. Please feel free to contact our government relations office for more information on how to register.

Frances W. Preston

For more information please feel free to contact our Government Relations office at: or (212) 830-3882.