Nashville Songwriters Head to Key West

Posted in News on May 21, 2003
The Hog's Breath 8th Annual Key West Songwriter's Festival (May 7-10) had no trouble attracting top talents. The event, sponsored by BMI, features various songwriters and performers from Nashville for four days of great entertainment. The Key West Songwriter's Fest offers fans a chance to meet and mingle with their favorite songwriters, and listen to the works of the up and comers.

Among the surprises were presentations of several Million-Air certificates, representing one million broadcast performances. Troy Verges and Brett James were recognized for the #1 hits "Who I Am" and "Blessed," with Verges collecting another Million-Air for "I Would've Loved You Anyway." Two Toby Keith #1s were also cited: Scotty Emerick earned a certificate for "I'm Just Talkin' About Tonight" and Chuck Cannon collected a 2 Million-Air honor for "How Do You Like Me Now?!".

Charlie Bauer of the sponsoring Hog's Breath Saloon received a BMI Special Citation of Achievement "in recognition of your many contributions to the Great State of Florida and the years you have devoted to championing the Key West Songwriters' Festival."

Pictured at the Key West Songwriters Festival are BMI's Mark Mason, Troy Verges ("Blessed"), Rivers Rutherford ("Ain't Nothing 'Bout You"), Anthony Smith ("I'm Tryin'"), Scotty Emerick ("I'm Just Talking About Tonight"), Brett James ("Chasin' Amy"), Big Yellow Dog Music writer Mindy Smith, Jason White ("Red Rag Top"), Gary Burr ("I Try To Think About Elvis") and Key West Mayor Jimmy Weekly.

BMI's Mark Mason, Troy Verges, Brett James and Universal Music Publishing's Kent Earls

Chuck Cannon, Scotty Emerick, Hog's Breath Saloon's Charlie Bauer and BMI's Mark Mason

Anthony Smith and Key West Mayor Jimmy Weekly