‘19 Somethin’ ‘ Up To #1

Posted in News on February 13, 2003
Songwriters David Lee and Chris DuBois and Mercury artist Mark Wills had lots of celebrating to do during a party at the BMG Chapel for their #1 hit "19 Somethin'" -- six weeks worth, in fact, since the the nostalgia-themed tune has been on top of Billboard's Hot Country Singles & Tracks for six consecutive weeks. Included on Wills' Greatest Hits album, "19 Somethin'" was produced by Chris Lindsey and published by Careers-BMG Music Publishing.

Chris DuBois, Mark Wills, David Lee, Chris Lindsey, Careers-BMG's Ron Stuve, International Artist Management's Anita Hogin and Ted Hacker, Mercury's Luke Lewis

BMI's David Preston presented engraved #1 cups to Lee, Wills, Lindsey, Careers-BMG's Karen Conrad and Mercury's Luke Lewis. Reception highlights included a special message from legendary Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach, who is mentioned in the song, and autographed footballs he sent to Wills, Lee and DuBois.

"19 Somethin" is Lee's first #1 single. He previously earned a BMI Country Award for the Lee Ann Womack hit "Now You See Me, Now You Don't."

BMI's David Preston, Mark Wills, David Lee, BMI's Thomas Cain and Paul Corbin

David Lee [far right] with Jim Counter, wife Stacie Lee and dad David Lee

Chris DuBois, Mark Wills, David Lee, Chris Lindsey, Careers-BMG's Karen Conrad, BMI's David Preston

David Lee, Marcus Hummon with son Moses, Tim DuBois

Chris DuBois, Mark Wills, David Lee, Careers-BMG's Chris Oglesby and Ron Stuve

photos by Kay Williams