Let’s Talk About Bob

Posted in News on April 21, 2002

Longtime BMI and Tree Publishing writer Bobby Braddock marked his 13th #1 single, "I Wanna Talk About Me," during a celebration breakfast hosted by BMI Nashville. The multi-week hit was recorded by DreamWorks giant Toby Keith on his multi-platinum Pull My Chain album, which he co-produced with James Stroud. The highlight of the #1 presentations was a performance by Sony/ATV Tree's Woody Bomar, who "rapped" an energetic, Braddock-centered rendition of "Let's Talk About Me":

Bobby Braddock, Lauren Braddock Havey

BMI's Paul Corbin, Sony/ATV's Donna Hilley, Bobby Braddock, CMA's Ed Benson, DreamWorks' James Stroud

We complain about consultants
And radio consolidation
And downloadin' music
Could be our ruination.
We dis' file-sharing
And the MP3,
Controlled composition
And reduced royalty.
We got more gripes to gripe
Than we can say.
But on this day ....

We wanna talk about Bob
Wanna talk about art.
Wanna talk about number one
On the Billboard Chart.
'Cause he writes what he likes
What he feels & does a real good job.
We whine about how the industry gets robbed
But in this mob
We wanna talk about Bob!


The song was inspired by a conversation Braddock held with a friend, who at the time was dealing with several problems and "tending to be self-centered." Originally written for Blake Shelton, whom Braddock produces, "Let's Talk About Me" was then pitched to Stroud and Keith. A two-time BMI Country Songwriter of the Year, Braddock has penned such classics as "D-I-V-O-R-C-E," "We're Not the Jet Set," "Golden Ring," "Time Marches On" and "He Stopped Loving Her Today."

DreamWorks' James Stroud, Bobby Braddock, Sony/ATV's Donna Hilley, DreamWorks' Scott Borchetta and Bruce Shindler, BMI's Paul Corbin

James Stroud, Bobby Braddock and Sony/ATV's rapping Woody Bomar

photos by Alan Mayor