Posted in News on October 31, 2001

Low recently played to a full house at The End in Nashville (10/24). Hailing from Duluth, Minnesota, the band toured the eastern U.S. before playing several dates in Europe. Blending their unusually slow tempos, minimal strums and beats, and tight harmonies, husband-and-wife team Alan Sparhawk (guitarist/vocalist) and Mimi Parker (drummer/vocalist) are accompanied by bassist Zack Sally.

BMI's Perry Howard says "hi" to Low band members Mimi Parker, Alan Sparhawk and Zak Sally

The trio played a varied set of material from several recent releases, in addition to some of their earlier creations like "Over the Ocean" from 1996's The Curtain Hits The Cast. A few selections they played are featured on the latest of four acclaimed full-length releases, Things We Lost In The Fire, produced by Steve Albini of Nirvana fame. Also heard were "Lordy" and "I Hear Goodnight" from 1999's In The Fishtank collaboration recorded with noted Australian instrumentalists Dirty Three. The group also performed "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me" (originally recorded by 80's indie-rockers The Smiths), which is featured on Low's most recent release, a two-song single which also includes a new composition titled "Because You Stood Still" as well as a Quicktime video for "Dinosaur Act," from Things We Lost In The Fire.

Low performs
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