BMI Sponsors SIBL Songwriting Competition

Posted in News on May 16, 2001

The SIBL Project, Songs Inspired by Literature, has launched a national and international songwriting competition. Sponsored by BMI, the competition calls for songs inspired by literature and offers songwriters the chance to dedicate their craft to the advancement of adult literacy.

The challenge of adult literacy is rising exponentially and according to the National Institute for Literacy (NIFL), 1 in 5 American adults cannot read to their children. They also cannot read album liner notes or the books that inspire songs. Moreover, recent American Management Association (AMA) studies revealed that over 38% of 1999 job applicants lacked the literacy and numeric skills required to perform basic job tasks. So much of the world is inaccessible to the non-reader and their isolation is an enormous global loss.

In the past, musicians have, through the power and enchantment of song, raised both public consciousness and millions of dollars for similarly critical issues such as health, housing and hunger. Now, with the vital influence of The SIBL Project, songwriters throughout the world will unite and seize an unprecedented opportunity to have their work included on a series of SIBL CDs. In February 2002, the first SIBL CD, entitled Chapter One, will be released and the net proceeds will directly benefit adult literacy programs in the Bay Area.

This distinct literary and musical competition opened May 1, 2001 and concludes on World Literacy Day on September 8, 2001. The judges, comprised of esteemed musicians, songwriters and world-renowned authors, will select ten winning songs, which will be featured along with five familiar SIBLs on Chapter One. The grand prize winner will receive $2500 in cash and runners up will receive other impressive prizes for their selected submission of an original song that was inspired by literature.

SIBL is a not-for-profit organization located in San Francisco, California, dedicated to creating an awareness of the power of story, song, adult literacy and the fundamental legacy of all three.

For more information please visit or call (415) 553-3330

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