BMI Greats Find Home In Rock Hall

Posted in News on March 5, 2000
Clapton, Moonglows, Lovin' Spoonful and Music Man Davis Among Honorees at 15th Annual Induction Ceremony

Over the past fifteen years, the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame has honored some of the major musicians, songwriters, industry veterans and other individuals who have made durable contributions to the most popular music in America, if not the world. Many of those inducted have been members of BMI, some 73% to date. Each induction ceremony has had its share of memorable moments, as contemporary artists pay tribute to their heroes and heroines, winners comment on their ascendance to such a stellar roster and the music itself is honored by stand-out performances, including the jam session that climaxes the evening.

This year will be no different, for once again the inductees display the range of talent and tenacity that has led to careers that stand the test of time. BMI proudly represents the stirring blues of Eric Clapton, the good time music of the Lovin' Spoonful, the pioneering R&B of the Moonglows, and the smooth jazz stylings of Billie Holiday. It represents as well the songwriting of Clive Davis, whose numerous contributions to the music industry are legendary. These and other award winners will make the 15th annual ceremony a night to remember.

An important addition to this year's ceremony will be a new category that honors those individuals who helped make the music that changed our lives but whose names are less well known to the general public than the notes they played and the rhythms they stirred. These include the saxophonist King Curtis, whose soul stirring solos highlighted many an R&B hit, and Earl Palmer, the master drummer whose thousands of sessions include Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti" and Sam Cooke's "Shake."

We congratulate all the winners, whose careers and catalogs of memorable music prove with abundant spirit and syncopation that rock and roll will never die.