12th Annual Key West Songwriters’ Festival Picks and Grins May 2-6

Posted in News on April 16, 2007

BMI will head south with a slew of Music City’s ace songwriters in tow for the 12th annual Key West Songwriters’ Festival in Key West, Florida, May 2-6. Designed to thrust the writers behind today’s country hits into a deserved spotlight, the festival boasts intimate live performances in the midst of paradise. The neighborhood’s favorite live music venues will host performances daily, while the beloved Hog’s Breath Saloon again will serve as the event’s home base.

A founding sponsor, BMI has helped the festival evolve into a highly anticipated destination for Nashville hit makers. The event’s emphasis on the songs and camaraderie of minds that create them has attracted a diverse collection of new participants each year. First-time attendees this year include hit songwriters Keith Follese, Marty Dodson and Bobby Pinson, auspicious singer/songwriters Luke Laird, Jimmy Stewart and Brandon Jane, up-and-comers Courtney Dashe and Jennifer Stegall, and alt-country heroines Suzi Ragsdale and Kate York.

  • Bobby Pinson
  • Hugh Prestwood
  • Kate York

The list of BMI artists and songwriters slated to attend this year features a jaw-dropping array of talent. Performers include Hugh Prestwood, Keith Stegall, Jamey Johnson, Scotty Emerick, Vicky McGehee, Wendell Mobley, Bart Allmand, Randy Houser, Wayd Battle, Chuck Cannon, Kent Blazy, Lee Brice, Morgane Hayes, D. Vincent Williams, Kylie Sackley, Phillip White, Amber White, Arlis Albritton, Billy Joe Walker, Jr. , Sherrié Austin, Christi Bauerlee, Christina Bell, Kris Bergsnes, Craig Boyd, Richie Brown, John Stone, Deanna Bryant, Lisa Carver, Stephanie Chapman, James Slater, Cliff Cody, Doug Colton, Dallas Davidson, Brian Davis, Fred Wilhelm, Dillon Dixon, Rob Hatch, Pete Sallis, James Dean Hicks, Aleysha Hoffman, Natalie Howard, Kyle Jacobs, Tim James, Ken Johnson, Chuck Jones, David Lee, Levi Simms, Cole Lee, Lauren Lucas, John Mabe, Will Rambeaux, Jason Matthews, Lila McCann, Chas Sandford, Jim McCormick, Jimmy Melton, Sally Mudd, Danny Myrick, Anna Owens, Melissa Pierce, Leslie Satcher, Jen Schott, Elisa Vazzana, Bruce Wallace, Emily West, Melinda Williams, Blake Wise and trio Rhiannon.

  • Keith Stegall
  • Scotty Emerick
  • Wendell Mobley

For the complete festival schedule, ticket information, performer profiles and line-up, please visit or call 305.296.4222.

BMI Performer Schedule at 2007 Key West Songwriters’ Festival

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

6-8pm - Kick-Off show @ The Top (La Concha Hotel on Duval)
7-7:45pm - James Slater

8pm -  Rum Barrel
8pm -  Randy Houser, Brian Davis & Jon Stone
9:30pm - Southland

10pm -  Conch Republic
10pm -  Jamey Johnson, Bobby Pinson & David Lee
10:45pm -  Scotty Emerick
11:30pm -  D. Vincent Williams & Chuck Jones

10pm-2am -  Hog/BMI Stage
The Massacoustics

Thursday, May 3, 2007

1-8pm - Hog/BMI Stage
1-3pm - Cliff Cody & Arlis Albritton
3-4pm - Christina Bell & Mike Loudermilk
4-5pm - Natalie Howard & Katy Kiefer
5-6pm - Sally Mudd & Christi Bauerlee
6-8pm - Pete Sallis & Jim McCormick

4pm - Blue Heaven
4pm - Phillip & Amber White, Cory Heydon, Suzi Ragsdale
4:45pm - Lauren Lucas, Stephanie Chapm - an, Kate York, Misty Loggins
5:30pm - Leslie Satcher, Kent Blazy, Jason Matthews, Courtney Dashe

8pm - Pier House Beach Show hosted by Scott Kirby
8pm - Lila McCann, Jen Schott, Melissa Pierce, Lisa Carver
8:45pm - Keith Stegall & Jen Stegall
9:15pm - Kylie Sackley & Lee Brice
10pm -  Brandon Jane, Luke Laird, Sherrié Austin, Jimmy Stewart

10pm -  Cowboy Bill’s
10pm -  Jon Mabe, Billy Joe Walker, Jr., Anna Owens, Blake Wise
11pm -  Tim James, Fred Wilhelm, Bruce Wallace & Jimmy Melton
12am Wayd Battle, Ritchie Brown, Dallas Davidson, Chas Sandford

10pm-2am - Hog/BMI Stage
The Massacoustics

Friday, May 4, 2007

1-8pm - Hog/BMI Stage
1-2pm - Southland
2-3pm - Ken Johnson & Ben Margulies
3-4pm - Rhiannon
4-5pm - Doug Colton & Aleysha Hoffman
5-6pm - Jon Mabe & Friends
6-7pm - Pat McLaughlin
7-8pm - Fred Wilhelm & Friends

4pm - Sloppy Joes
4pm - Willie Mack, Tim James, Deanna Bryant, Sherrié Austin
5pm - Kyle Jacobs, Blake Wise, Bart Allmand, Danny Myrick

5:30pm - Green Parrot “Sound Check”
5:30-6:45pm -    Southland

6pm - Fury Sunset Sail
Lee Brice & Kylie Sackley

6pm - Piano Show @ Doubletree
6pm -   Christina Bell & Mike Loudermilk
6:30pm - Chris Tompkins
7pm - James Slater & Dallas Davidson

8pm - Hog’s Breath Upstairs Writers Room
8pm - James Dean Hicks
8:30pm - Hugh Prestwood & Don Schlitz
9:15pm - Scotty Emerick
10pm -  Brett James, Hillary Lindsey & Luke Laird

8pm - Tropic Cinema
8pm - Dave Berg, Walt Aldridge, Wendell Mobley & Marty Dodson
9pm - Phillip & Amber White
9:45pm - Chuck Cannon & Chuck Jones

10pm -  Green Parrot
Dillon Dixon, James Dean Hicks & D. Vincent Williams

10pm - -2am Hog/BMI Stage
The Massacoustics

Saturday, May 5, 2007

1-5pm - Hog/BMI Stage
1-3pm - Pete Sallis & Jim McCormick
3-4pm - Jason Matthews
4-5pm - Kent Blazy

1pm - Southernmost Cinco De Mayo Pool Party
1-2pm - Rob Hatch, Cliff Cody, Dillon Dixon
2-3pm - Randy Houser, Brian Davis, Jon Stone

5pm - Cinco De Mayo Bash at Hog’s Breath

6pm - Fury Sunset Sail
Dillon Dixon & James Dean Hicks

8pm - Hog’s Breath Upstairs Writers Room
8pm - Bobby Pinson & Leslie Satcher
8:45pm - D. Vincent Williams & Wendell Mobley
9:30pm - Chuck Cannon & Chuck Jones

8pm - Tropic Cinema
8pm - Courtney Dashe, Misty Loggins, Kyle Jacobs & Jen Schott
9pm - Byron Hill, Hugh Prestwood, Pat McLaughlin, Keith Follese
10pm - Scotty Emerick

10pm - Buck’s Bottle Cap
10pm - Natalie Howard, Chas Sandford & David Lee
10:45pm - Phillip & Amber White
11:15pm - Jamey Johnson, Jon Stone, Wayd Battle

10pm - 2am Hog/BMI Stage
The Massacoustics

Sunday, May 6, 2007

1-5pm - Hog/BMI Stage
1-2pm - Christina Bell & Mike Loudermilk
2-3pm - Deanna Bryant
3-4pm - Suzi Ragsdale
4-5pm - Kate York

6pm - Sunset Show @ Westin
Christina Bell, Mike Loudermilk,  Natalie Howard, Katy Kiefer,  Billy Joe Walker, Jr., Anna Owens, Jon  Mabe, Chuck Jones, Chuck Cannon, Lisa Carver and many more.


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