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Indie Spotlight: Camera Can’t Lie


From News, posted 7.21.10 Growing up in conservative Midwestern homes isn’t the easiest place to discover rock and roll. Fortunately for the members of Camera Can’t Lie, rock and roll found them. High school friends Eric Arjes (vocals/guitar), Kyle Lindsay (bass), and hard-hitting drummer Josh Bendell boast roots in classical music backgrounds – symphonies,… Read more...

Jason Castro Does It His Way


From MusicWorld, posted 5.29.10 During the seventh season of American Idol, Texas singer/songwriter Jason Castro charmed viewers with his liquid voice, gentlemanly performance style, and signature dreadlocks. Yet despite appearances, astute viewers sensed that Castro was champing at the bit. The singer seemed to be anxiously biding time ‘til he earned the opportunity to… Read more...

Jason Castro: Jason Castro Interview - The 2009 BMI Pop Awards

Captured at BMI Pop Awards 2009

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