Between the Extremes

A Conversation with Award-Winning Composer Brian Tyler

A prolific composer, producer and musician, Brian Tyler’s life has been inseparable from the worlds of song and cinema. He became a diligent student of both disciplines in his early development as a film composer, but it wasn’t until his score for the 2001 indie thriller, Frailty, caught the ear of legendary director William Friedkin that he got his proverbial big break... READ MORE...

Following his score for Friedkin’s 2004 crime drama, The Hunted, Tyler’s name and reputation as a versatile and kinetic composer spread like wildfire. In short order, Tyler was responsible for scoring high profile projects for film, television and even symphonic music for video games. His bold, memorable themes are now integral to successful action franchises including The Fast and The Furious series and iconic superhero epics like Iron Man 3, Thor: Dark World and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Put simply, Tyler has become the personification of film composer as rock star.

Fueling his accomplishments are Tyler’s industrious nature, dedication and enthusiasm for his work and his art. Though reluctant to brand himself “a workaholic,” Tyler credits working in different disciplines as a means to stay creative and inspired. From generating high energy EDM tracks as his electronic artist “alter-ego” Madsonik, to conducting London’s revered Philharmonia, Brian Tyler makes it all seem effortless. BMI’s Vice President of Film, TV and Visual Media Relations, Doreen Ringer-Ross, recently sat down with Tyler for a candid conversation about his life, his tireless fascination with music and his calling as a film composer.