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Further Questions?

What is BMI Live?

BMI Live allows performing songwriters to input up to six months of their performance data to be considered for payment. Songwriters may input their tour information at their convenience for concerts from the previous six months and receive these royalty payments quarterly. Both headliners and opening acts may input tour information, and the program is open to all BMI affiliates.

Performance data may be entered by logging on to BMI Online Services from a desktop computer, a supported mobile device or through the BMI Mobile app for Android, coming soon, and Apple iOS.

See more information on how BMI pays royalties.

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  • “For a touring musician, every revenue stream is extremely important. BMI Live creates extra revenue from playing shows, which I am already doing anyway!” zimmerman icon Joshua Zimmerman / Silent Comedy
  • “Getting paid? Sometimes it is hard. BMI Live helps us get paid for when we play our songs live even at medium to smaller venues. Every bit helps and we’re grateful that BMI has our back.” darling icon Jessi Darlin / Those Darlins
  • “For artists like myself that like to play live the ability to make money using BMI Live is a great resource.” galindo icon Gustavo Galindo
  • “BMI Live is a great program for touring artists, especially the ones who aren’t playing arenas (yet).” foster icon Ruthie Foster
  • “BMI Live has been a great tool for my artists. The extra income has helped cover expenses for my acts making it easier to invest in their touring business. The submission is very easy and convenient and can be done in full after each tour or within a few minutes online after the show.” hartley icon Aaron Hartley / Manager, Caitlin Rose
  • “I love that I get paid through BMI every time I play live! Such an amazing program for independent, up and coming songwriters who want to spread their music through playing live.” stone icon Allen Stone
  • “BMI Live ha hecho más atractiva la manera de reportar y recibir regalías por las presentaciones en vivo. Hay buen soporte y hasta me ha ayudado a tener un mejor control de las tocadas que hice en el año. Reportar desde mi teléfono con el BMI app lo hace aun más conveniente!” pauer icon Mr. Pauer
  • “What BMI has done and continues to do, is find ways for performing writers/artists to receive compensation for their works in all avenues of performance. I am proud to be a part of such a team for 25 years now.” steele icon Jeffrey Steele


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