September 4, 2007

BMI Posts Record-Setting Royalty Distributions, Revenues

Unprecedented revenue figures attributed to successful licensing of diverse media, new satellite and digital revenue streams

Press Release

NEW YORK, September 4, 2007 – Broadcast Music, Inc.® (BMI®), the U.S. music performing right organization, today announced that it will distribute more than $732 million in royalties for its 2006-2007 fiscal year to the songwriters, composers and copyright owners it represents, an eight percent increase over the prior fiscal year.  BMI attributed the rise in revenues to its robust music catalog, the successful licensing of music across a diverse range of media, and revenue growth in foreign markets.  BMI, a non-profit-making organization, also posted record-setting revenues of more than $839 million, up seven percent from the prior year. This milestone represents the highest annual revenues and royalty distributions ever reported by a performing rights society.  BMI also announced that overhead dropped to 12.7 percent, the lowest in the company’s history. 

The increased usage of BMI’s diverse repertoire throughout many broadcast mediums has, over the past several years, recast the traditional revenue structure from one dominated by conventional over-the-air broadcasting to a new picture in which cable networks, satellite audio and video services, and digital media contribute increasingly significant revenue streams. Revenues from cable, satellite audio and video services grew $11 million, and BMI licensed almost 500 new digital media properties and reached long-term agreements with several major web services.

Revenues from eating-and-drinking establishments, hospitality, retail and service establishments also increased substantially, reaching more than $93 million. BMI’s foreign revenue benefited from increased market-share and favorable exchange rates, growing to more than $227 million.

“The dynamic growth and continued popularity of the BMI catalog have made these outstanding financial results possible at a time of unprecedented change in the media and entertainment business,” said BMI’s President and CEO Del Bryant. “Our success is a reflection of developing win-win business solutions for both our affiliated songwriters and our customers, enabling us to respond to significant changes in our business environment that are part of the continued transition from the analog world to the digital.”

BMI’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. BMI’s financial information excludes Landmark Digital ServicesTM, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary.
Broadcast Music, Inc. is an American performing right organization that represents more than 350,000 songwriters, composers and publishers in all genres of music. For more than 65 years, BMI has represented the most popular and beloved music from around the world, a vast repertoire that includes more than 6.5 million works. The non-profit-making corporation collects license fees from businesses that use music, which it then distributes as royalties to the musical creators and copyright owners it represents.

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