Go Green With Direct Deposit

Your BMI royalty payments can be deposited directly to your checking or savings account.

There are some great reasons to go direct:

  • Smart. Saves paper and delivery costs.
  • Convenient. No trips to the bank.
  • Fast. No waiting while "the check’s in the mail."
  • Secure. Eliminate the chance of a check getting lost or stolen.
  • Advantageous. Once you’ve signed up for Direct Deposit, you can take advantage of unique programs like BMI Live.
  • Rewarding. Quarterly royalty payments as low as $2.00 are immediately deposited to your bank account.

Simply login to BMI’s Online Services system with your username and password and select “Direct Deposit” from the menu.  Members can also sign up for and mange Direct Deposit in BMI Mobile for Android, coming soon, and Apple iOS.

BMI Direct Deposit works only with US bank accounts. Don’t have a U.S. bank account? Register an account with Payoneer and use the USD banking information they provide to set up direct deposit through your Online Services account.

You may also be interested in our How We Pay Royalties page for information on our payment schedule and much more.