Innovative BMI License with ABC Adapts for New Uses of Music in Digital Age

Posted in News on February 26, 2007

The new music licensing agreement crafted by BMI and the ABC Television Network is a good example of adapting long-standing business practices as technology creates new ways to bring music to consumers. A few years ago, a BMI music license for a television network might cover only music broadcast in TV programs and commercials, but the new ABC agreement also covers web video and more.

Online at, users can view full episodes of several series including Desperate Housewives, which features theme and background music by BMI composers Danny Elfman and Steve Jablonsky. Visitors to the site can also sample music showcased in ABC shows and then link to other sites to purchase soundtracks or the latest episodes of their favorite shows for viewing on portable devices.

“This new agreement is innovative and comprehensive. It covers the expanded use of music by ABC and assures fair compensation to BMI songwriters and publishers for these new uses,” said BMI President and CEO Del Bryant. “This agreement is a good example of how BMI works with our customers to develop licenses that cover the expanded use of music through new delivery methods and new business models. And, as we develop new revenue streams for our composers, writers and publishers, we will also expand our royalty distribution system to provide them with detailed information on these new uses of music.”